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Hazardous and Dangerous Tree Removals

At Advanced Tree Services, we specialize in large tree removal and are fully insured for your protection. Although we believe in preserving trees, in the event that a tree must be removed from your property Advanced Tree Services is equipped with the skills and equipment to safely take down any and all trees regardless of size or location.

Advanced Tree Services specializes in hazardous and dangerous tree removals. We take every precaution necessary to assure the safety of surrounding objects such as homes, fences, pools, and more by practicing the safest climbing techniques to bring the tree down. It takes an experienced crew to successfully remove your tree properly! Upon completion of your tree service needs you can be assured that the work site will be cleared of all debris.  We will leave the removal site in much better state than when we began! 

Never attempt to remove a large tree without professional help, as it can cause damage to property and people alike. Give Advanced Tree Services a call for a fast consultation for any large tree removal! 

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Advanced Tree Services is dedicated to enhancing and protecting the health and beauty of your North Texas trees. We are proud to offer personalized services to the Burleson, Fort Worth, and DFW Metroplex area at an affordable rate. Customer satisfaction and tree health is our main priority! We are dedicated to providing you and your plant life excellent service that goes beyond your expectation.

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