Stump Grinding

Ripping Up Big and Small Stumps

Our stump grinding techniques at Advanced Tree Services involve a large machine that can rip a stump from the ground and grind it up into small pieces in one fast process. Basically, there is no stump too large or too small to handle. At Advanced Tree Services, we are experts at handling our machinery in any situation. We can remove stumps in close proximity to other trees or fences with ease, and maneuver through any gate up to 36" or fence panel you might have in your yard.

Stumps are resolute, tough things to remove. Just give us a call for your quick consultation, and we can have it removed in no time! Pricing for stump grinding is as follows: measure stump from longest point to longest point, then cross measure. Call with measurements and we can give you an estimate over the phone.

All residual mulch is left in hole unless otherwise specified. Removing of mulch or moving to another area my add an additional charge.

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A Look At Stump Grinding

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