Tree Trimming

Improve Appearance and Property Safety

At Advanced Tree Services, we offer not only tree trimming, but perfection tree trimming. This involves the lifting and thinning of trees, always bringing it back to a lateral branch or the base. This insures that the tree is cut correctly for future maintenance without hassle.

Not only is the tree visually balanced , but it is  also better for the healing process. Perfection trimming keeps the volume of branches down by not butt cutting. When you randomly cut a branch mid-way it results in the branch multiplying 10-20 branches fold.  This is the reason we take time to ensure a proper cut.

Lifting your trees off your home prevents trees from penetrating roof tops, gutters, and prevents animals from having easy access to your home. Advanced tree Services can prune or trim them back before damage even occurs. Perfection tree trimming consists of removing excess branches and deadwood which improves the appearance and lightens heavy branches for safety.

There are many benefits to pruning your trees, such as making the tree healthier by removing the damaged or dead branches, improving the appearance of trees, prolonging their useful life by removing undesirable branches, cutting lower limbs or thinning the interior allows sunlight to penetrate to help the grass and tree grow, and increasing the air flow in the tree which decreases the number of insects.

Tree trimming seems like an easy task for a beginner, but only a professional can do it properly. Give Advanced Tree Services a call for your tree trimming needs in North Texas.

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