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Environmental factors often lead to tree disease and other disorders that effect your yardscape. Often opportunistic, disease-causing organisms or insects may be a secondary problem caused by weakened tree vigor. It's important to maintain your landscape on a routine basis. The earlier you catch a disease affecting a tree, the better. Give Advanced Tree Services a call if you begin to notice some of these signs in your trees.

Oak Wilt

Oak Wilt is the most common, and quickest disease to cause death to a tree. Upon the first signs of Oak Wilt, seek a professional at Advanced Tree Services immediately for a proper diagnoses. Things to look for are: if veins of the leaves of an Oak tree turn yellow, and when a branch of leaves shows different types of color patterns (flagging).

Root Rot

Root rot is almost always the result of over-watering, root damage or prior drought stress, poor soil conditions, flooding, etc. Some trees, such as Lawson's cypress are highly susceptible to Phytophthora root rot.

Bacterial Diseases

There are two common bacterial diseases on woody ornamentals - Erwinia Fire Blight and Pseudomonas bacterial blight (also called bacterial canker). Only fungicides containing copper will help control bacterial diseases, but these may cause spotting or burn of young shoots in spring if applied at higher rates or under slow drying conditions. Prune and dispose of dead wood, disinfecting pruners as you go as to not spread the bacteria. If you are ever unsure of a bacterial disease, give Advanced Tree Services a call for a proper diagnosis and treatment.


Yes, trees can get a virus too! A stress episode can then lead to irreversible decline when combined with virus infection. Some, such as rhododendron ringspot and rose mosaic are easily identified by the symptoms on the leaves. In other cases, the symptoms are more general and can resemble nutrient deficiencies, in which cases only a professional should diagnose the tree.

Dutch Elm Tree Disease

Dutch Elm Disease is one of the leading causes of elm tree death in the disease world. As a preventive measure, specimen elm trees can be successfully trunk injected during the spring/summer with a treatment that will prevent the development of the Dutch Elm Disease fungus for up to three years.

Many other diseases exist that can attack a tree quickly, and if you think that your tree may be "sick", the more immediate the attention the better chances of that tree (and surrounding trees!) surviving. If you notice any abnormal activity happening in your tree that can't be explained by normal means, give Advanced Tree Services a call to diagnose and treat any tree diseases that might be plaguing your yardscape!

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