Big Tree Removal

At Advanced Tree Services, we specialize in large tree removal and are fully insured for your protection. Although we believe in preserving trees, in the event that a tree must be removed from your property Advanced Tree Services is equipped with the skills and equipment to safely take down any and all trees regardless of size or location.

We specialize in hazardous and dangerous tree removals. We take every precaution necessary to assure the safety of surrounding objects such as homes, fences, pools, ext. by practicing the safest climbing techniques to bring the tree down. It takes an experienced crew to successfully remove your tree properly! Upon completion of your tree service needs you can be assured that the work site will be cleared of all debris.  We will leave the removal site in much better state than when we began! 

Never attempt to remove a large tree without professional help, as it can cause damage to property and people alike. Give Advanced Tree Services a call for a fast consultation for any large tree removal! 

Tree Trimming

At Advanced Tree Services, we offer not only tree trimming, but perfection tree trimming. This involves the lifting and thinning of trees, always bringing it back to a lateral branch or the base. This insures that the tree is cut correctly for future maintenance without hassle.

Not only is the tree visually balanced , but it is  also better for the healing process. Perfection trimming keeps the volume of branches down by not butt cutting. When you randomly cut a branch mid-way it results in the branch multiplying 10-20 branches fold.  This is the reason we take time to ensure a proper cut.

Lifting your trees off your home prevents trees from penetrating roof tops, gutters, and prevents animals from having easy access to your home. Advanced tree Services can prune or trim them back before damage even occurs. Perfection tree trimming consists of removing excess branches and deadwood which improves the appearance and lightens heavy branches for safety.

There are many benefits to pruning your trees, such as making the tree healthier by removing the damaged or dead branches, improving the appearance of trees, prolonging their useful life by removing undesirable branches, cutting lower limbs or thinning the interior allows sunlight to penetrate to help the grass and tree grow, and increasing the air flow in the tree which decreases the number of insects.

Tree trimming seems like an easy task for a beginner, but only a professional can do it properly. Give Advanced Tree Services a call for your tree trimming needs in North Texas.

Stump Grinding

Our stump grinding techniques involve a large machine that can rip a stump from the ground and grind it up into small pieces in one fast process. Basically, there is no stump too large or too small to handle. At Advanced Tree Services, we are experts at handling our machinery in any situation. We can remove stumps in close proximity to other trees or fences with ease, and maneuver through any gate up to 36" or fence panel you might have in your yard.

Stumps are resolute, tough things to remove. Just give us a call for your quick consultation, and we can have it removed in no time! Pricing for stump grinding is as follows: measure stump from longest point to longest point, then cross measure. Call with measurements and we can give you an estimate over the phone.

All residual mulch is left in hole unless otherwise specified. Removing of mulch or moving to another area my add an additional charge.

Debris Removal

Advanced Tree Services job doesn't end after the tree or tree stump has been removed from the yard, but what about the clean-up? You don't want your yard left messy and Advanced Tree Services wants our customers to take pride in their beautiful yard as well. That's why we offer debris removal to ensure that your yard is never left with debris and that you, as our customer, are completely satisfied by our work. We understand that you are hiring us for a service and you should never have to clean up after paying for a service..

We take pride in the personal relationship we have with our customers and understand that it's our job to ensure the beauty and longevity of both your trees and your yard. Our number one priority are our customers. We will remove any and all debris left in the yard from our work and even be sure to make it appear as if there was never a tree stump there in the first place. Your yard will be looking brand new by the time Advanced Tree Services gets done with it. Roots, limbs, branches, whatever it may be, Advanced Tree Service will take care of all areas within the Burleson, Fort Worth, Dallas and all mid cities.

Make the call to Advanced Tree Services today and see how beautiful your yard could look. Whether you're in Fort Worth, Arlington, Burleson, Grandbury, Weatherford or any surrounding areas, give Advanced Tree Services a call.

Bushes and Shrubs Trimming

If your bushes and shrubs are starting to get out of control, take the hassle out of trimming them yourself and call Advanced Tree Services. We will shape, trim and care for your shrubs with the best quality possible and with friendly service as our main goal. We have been trained to properly shape your shrubs so that they will be the highlight of your yard when company comes to visit.

Caring for your shrubs is important and at Advanced Tree Services, we know this all too well. We are a reliable, friendly and responsive company who will work with you to make sure that you are going to love your shrubbery and our service.

If you live in, or around, Fort Worth, Arlington, Burleson, Granbury, Weatherford or any of the surrounding Texas areas, Advanced Tree Services would love to hear from you. Give us a call today!

Chipper Service

If you have debris or  trees  that need to be chipped  and disposed off please let us help. We offer chipper service to the North Texas area.Give us a call for your chipper needs today!  We'll even clean up after ourselves when we're done. Better than when we arrived. Call Advanced Tree Services today to set up an appointment for a free estimate.

Firewood Sale

Whether you need a stick, a stack or a cord, Personal Touch Tree Service has firewood for sale and your cooking wood needs covered! You may purchase as much or as little firewood as you need; quantities range from one log, a stack (about 30 pieces), ¼ cord, ½ cord or a full cord.

For cooking, we carry a variety of wood. We offer both seasoned and green wood all throughout the year for all of your cooking needs. If you have a specific need for cooking wood or firewood, please don’t hesitate to call us to check availability. All of the firewood and cooking wood that we sell comes from trees in our urban forest that needed to come down for one reason or another. We are recycling the by-product of our tree services as opposed to sending it to the landfills. 

Tree Diseases

Environmental factors often lead to tree disease and other disorders that effect your yardscape. Often opportunistic, disease-causing organisms or insects may be a secondary problem caused by weakened tree vigor. It's important to maintain your landscape on a routine basis. The earlier you catch a disease affecting a tree, the better. Give Advanced Tree Services a call if you begin to notice some of these signs in your trees:

Oak Wilt:

Oak Wilt is the most common, and quickest disease to cause death to a tree. Upon the first signs of Oak Wilt, seek a professional at Advanced Tree Services immediately for a proper diagnoses. Things to look for are: if veins of the leaves of an Oak tree turn yellow, and when a branch of leaves shows different types of color patterns (flagging).

Root Rot:

Root rot is almost always the result of over-watering, root damage or prior drought stress, poor soil conditions, flooding, etc. Some trees, such as Lawson's cypress are highly susceptible to Phytophthora root rot.

Bacterial Diseases:

There are two common bacterial diseases on woody ornamentals - Erwinia Fire Blight and Pseudomonas bacterial blight (also called bacterial canker). Only fungicides containing copper will help control bacterial diseases, but these may cause spotting or burn of young shoots in spring if applied at higher rates or under slow drying conditions. Prune and dispose of dead wood, disinfecting pruners as you go as to not spread the bacteria. If you are ever unsure of a bacterial disease, give Advanced Tree Services a call for a proper diagnosis and treatment.


Yes, trees can get a virus too! A stress episode can then lead to irreversible decline when combined with virus infection. Some, such as rhododendron ringspot and rose mosaic are easily identified by the symptoms on the leaves. In other cases, the symptoms are more general and can resemble nutrient deficiencies, in which cases only a professional should diagnose the tree.

Dutch Elm Tree Disease:

Dutch Elm Disease is one of the leading causes of elm tree death in the disease world. As a preventive measure, specimen elm trees can be successfully trunk injected during the spring/summer with a treatment that will prevent the development of the Dutch Elm Disease fungus for up to three years.

Many other diseases exist that can attack a tree quickly, and if you think that your tree may be "sick", the more immediate the attention the better chances of that tree (and surrounding trees!) surviving. If you notice any abnormal activity happening in your tree that can't be explained by normal means, give Advanced Tree Services a call to diagnose and treat any tree diseases that might be plaguing your yardscape!