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Firewood and Cooking Wood

Stack of Texas Mesquite Firewood ready for saleAdvanced Tree Services is your one-stop-shop for firewood and cooking wood needs in the Burleson, Cleburne, Crowley, and Fort Worth area. We offer a variety of options for our customers, ranging from one log, a stack (about 30 pieces), ¼ cord, ½ cord or a full cord, and both seasoned and green wood options.

We encourage you to get a free estimate and inquire about our available wood. Our firewood and cooking wood come from trees that have been removed during our tree services, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for your heating and cooking needs.

Whether you're in need of a small amount or a large quantity, we can provide you with quality firewood from many of our tree removal projects. Our firewood and cooking wood options are available all year round, and our team is always available to answer any questions and check availability.

By choosing Advanced Tree Services, you're not only supporting a local business but also doing your part in reducing waste and promoting sustainability. So, if you're in the market for firewood or cooking wood, give us a call or request a free estimate and let us help you stay warm and cook up a delicious meal.

Seasoned Cooking Wood For Grilling and Smoking

It is recommended to use only seasoned wood for cooking as green wood contains a higher moisture content, which can cause more smoke and a bitter flavor.

Seasoned wood, also known as dry wood, is wood that has been cut and left to dry out for at least six months to a year. During this time, the moisture content of the wood decreases, making it ideal for cooking. The lower moisture content of seasoned wood results in a hotter and more efficient burn, with less smoke and a cleaner, more pleasant flavor in your food.

In contrast, green wood has a higher moisture content and therefore produces more smoke, which can cause a bitter taste in your food. Additionally, green wood takes longer to ignite and burns less efficiently, which can make it difficult to regulate the temperature of your fire.

Which type of firewood is good for grilling or smoking?

Different types of wood can be used for cooking and each imparts a unique flavor to the food being cooked. Call and check with us, but we may or may not have some of the most popular types of wood for cooking in stock including:

    • Apple
      Imparts a mild, fruity flavor to meat, poultry, and fish.
    • Cherry
      Adds a sweet, fruity flavor to food and is commonly used for smoking and grilling.
    • Hickory
      Known for its strong, smoky flavor, hickory is often used to smoke meats, especially bacon.
    • Mesquite
      A Texas favorite that has a strong, earthy flavor that is well-suited for barbecuing meats, poultry, and fish.
    • Oak
      Another Texas favorite that imparts a mild, slightly sweet flavor to food and is a good all-purpose wood for cooking.
    • Pecan
      Similar to hickory, pecan has a sweet, nutty flavor that is great for smoking and grilling.

Firewood and Unseasoned Wood

Advanced Tree Services carries many types of firewood that is not suitable for grilling or smoking, but can still be used for various purposes, such as:

    • Apple
      Imparts a mild, fruity flavor to meat, poultry, and fish.
    • Heating
      Firewood that is not suitable for cooking can still be used as fuel for heating homes and other buildings.
    • Campfires
      Firewood that is not ideal for cooking can still be used for campfires, where it can provide warmth and light.
    • Decorative purposes
      Firewood can also be used for decorative purposes, such as in fire pits or outdoor fireplaces.
    • Landscaping
      Firewood can also be used as a natural border or as part of a landscaping design.
    • Consumer Small Industrial purposes
      Firewood can also be used as a fuel source for consumer small-industrial processes, such as in kilns and forges.

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