What type of firewood does Advanced Tree Services offer for sale?

Advanced Tree Services offers a variety of firewood for sale, including seasoned and green wood. Our firewood is available for purchase in quantities ranging from one log to a full cord. Call us to see which type of wood we may have in stock at that time.

Seasoned firewood, also known as dry wood, is recommended for cooking as it has a lower moisture content, resulting in a hotter and more efficient burn with less smoke and a cleaner flavor in your food. Popular types of seasoned wood for cooking include apple, cherry, hickory, mesquite, oak, and pecan, each imparting a unique flavor to food.

On the other hand, unseasoned firewood can still be used for heating homes and other buildings, campfires, decorative purposes, landscaping, and consumer small-industrial processes such as in kilns and forges. 

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